One thing I took away from Dr. Joyce through this course is the comparison of examining the financials to examining a patient.  We have physical diagnosis procedures, labs, and advanced imaging to help us figure out the story with our patient; likewise, we have a balance sheet, statement of operations, cash flows, numerous ratios, as well as vertical/horizontal analysis to help us figure the financial health of an institution. And, just like a good wellness plan for a patient with good nutrition and exercise, a good budget can help plan for good financial health.

Dr. Joyce was an outstanding instructor that provided some outstanding feedback and made a challenging topic very relatable.  I took away so much from this course, not only the information on finance but also in the way Dr. Joyce presented the materials.  I think he is an excellent educator.

Dear Dr. Joyce,  Who knew doing a budget could be so fun! I had to finally just pass this in because I keep on playing with it. Overall, I wanted to thank you very much for all your feedback and teaching. This was a fantastic course. I was skeptical at first, but clearly now see how this will benefit my career. Several months ago I was in an important meeting regarding this hospital medicine fellowhip with our Chairman of Medicine. When it came to the budget discussion I had to hand it over to someone else and I had no clue what they were talking about. I am very excited to meet again with our Chairman to go over this budget proposal and the options. I really think my new found knowledge will really make me look like a key player and leader.

Overall, I feel that taking this course has made much a more well-roundedprofessional.  I recognize that in the future, especially if I transition tothe Director of Education role, there is the potential for me to become moreinvolved with the business aspects of running the radiology department. 

This makes me realize even more the importance of medical professionals understanding the business side of medicine, and being able to use that knowledge to reduce health care costs.

Wow — the more I learn about the financial side of medicine, the more I’m completely flabbergasted.

We both sat down and watched this program last Sunday night before reading through the contract that she is reviewing in New York.  We found your session to be very insightful to start understanding the business side of things.