No Hiding From The Business Of Medicine

Real story!  Two physicians, two different departments in an academic medical center, basically do the same surgical procedures.  Physician A is slightly more productive, producing 5% more wRVUs than B.  Each has a profit/loss statement issued at the end of the year that is available for them to view.   The never do.  Physician A is told that she is losing money for her department and will be required to spend three to five  days per month at a satellite hospital in order to generate business and bump up her wRVUs.  Physicians B is praised because his statement is showing a profit of $100,000 for the department and is encouraged to ask for more resources.  Physician A is perplexed, she knows she does more work than B, how could she be losing and B winning.

It is all in the profit and loss statement, which is an income statement and which we as physicians have never been taught to interpret.  Most probably have never even seen or asked to view their personal P/L statement.  There is no hiding from the Business of Medicine, it will find you and affect your ability to care for patients no matter the practice setting.

Did physician A accept her punishment?  What was it in the income statement that caused such a difference in the way leadership viewed the efforts of these two highly respected surgeons.  Follow the link of wait for my next post.

Learn About Your P/F Statement

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