The new standard of healthcare delivery in the U.S. is Value Based Care. It is a paradigm shift from previous medical practice. It requires healthcare providers to transform the way they deliver care. All practitioners will need to maximize the value of each service for their patients in order to survive under this new standard. Healthcare providers will need to account for patient expectations and outcomes. Consequently, practitioners will have to maximize the value of each service they provide to their patients. This program provides the knowledge and tools necessary to analyze your practice as well as mine and increase its value. Value based care done right will increase your practice’s profitability and equip you to effectively address future health policy changes. 

Value Based Care: Find Value in Your Practice – 2.0 CME

Quality of Leadership for Physicians – 4.0 CME

Leading Improvement – 4.0 CME

Healthcare Budgets – 1.25 CME

Healthcare Financial Statements – 1.25 CME