• Our hospital always says it is losing money. An impossibility in Maryland. The idea behind creating value and being paid foe value is to incrdase quality and decrease cost. This theoretically should attract more patients. This is the opposite of what hospitals in Maryland want to see happen. If the medical staff is fee for service private…[Read more]

    • Dear Bryan:
      You are so right! In Maryland it does not pay to be efficient. I think I told you I was the Deputy Secretary of Health under Governor Ehrlich. I am also very familiar with the HSCRC and the way rates are set in Maryland for hospitals. If a hospital is efficient; i.e., the cost to provide a service is less than what the HSCRC allows…[Read more]

    • Bryan:
      One other item, how do you like the courses so far? I would be very interested in getting your opinion. Is there anything you would change or add? Is the course material easy to understand, applicable, and practical? Thanks for enrolling. If you have any colleagues who might have interest in the program, I would be pleased to speak with them.