Course Reviews

The course Financial Statements - Understand and Analyze was excellent.  Especially for those without much of an accounting background, the explanations made the potentially confusing topic much more clear.    Andrew Schulick, MD Vascular Surgeon at Suburban Hospital (Johns Hopkins affiliate)

I was finally able to present my Hospital Medicine Fellowship Budget today to my Chairman. He was very impressed with my budget proposal and presentation. He said “it was the best presentation he has seen of its kind.”  I thank you so much for your teaching. Prior to taking your class I did not know anything about budgets, and here I am today hitting one out of the park! 

Academic Hospitalist, Baystate Medical Center, Tufts University Medical System

I  did an analysis of adding a new provider. one that I hadn’t had a clue on performing before the Capital - What Physicians Need To Know About Money course.  I absolutely loved Dr. Joyce and his comforting teaching style.  An outstanding course I have recommended to many.

Wow, the more I learn about the financial side of medicine, the more I am flabbergasted.

I really think my new found knowledge I received from this program will make me look like a key player and leader.

Dr. Joyce is an outstanding instructor that made a challenging topic (Finance of Healthcare Business Planning) very relatable.  I took away so much from this course, not only information on business that will help me care for my patients, but also in the way Dr. Joyce presents the materials.  I think he is an excellent educator.

I find this course (Physician Reimbursement and Employment Contracts) to be extremely timely, as I was just having a discussion today with my husband about the fact that physicians for so many years have been practicing and running a business without a business understanding, while relying too much on business managers.  Reimbursements are being tied to costs.  All providers are going to have to understand the impact of their costs if they want to deliver the best care they can to their patients.    Surgeon, Montefiore Medical Center                                                                                

One thing I took away from the course on Financial Statements - Understand and Analyze is the comparison of examining financials to examining a patient.  That characterizes all of the courses in this program that could only be produced by a physician’s speaking to other physicians.  It speaks to me.

I sat down and watched this program (Physician Reimbursement and Employment Contracts) last Sunday night before reading through the contract that I am reviewing in New York.  I found your session to be very insightful to understand the business side of things and will make a difference in my meeting tomorrow.

I did find it eye opening and concerning that my partners also did not know the answers to questions raised in this course (Capital - What Physicians Need To Know About Money).

This course (Strategy Planning and Decision Making) has really opened my eyes to the reality that those of us in the trenches delivering the patient care should be the ones making the business and financial decisions.

Several months ago I was in an important meeting regarding this hospital medicine fellowship with our Chairman of Medicine.  When it came to the budget discussion I had to hand it over to someone else and I had no clue what they were talking about.  I am very excited to meet the Chairman to go over this budget proposal and options after taking Healthcare Budgets.