Johns Hopkins/NCI Healthcare Finance Boot Camp

Johns Hopkins/NCI Healthcare Finance Boot Camp


You need to acquire healthcare finance skill in order to represent your practice and your patient’s best interests.  No matter your practice setting fiance decisions are being made that directly affect you.  Learn the language of finance and participate in those decisions or be left out. 


“No money, No mission”.  The phase is often at the center of fundraising efforts of churches, charities, and most non-profits organizations of all kinds.  The fact is, this four word phase is the centerpiece of every business entity.  The manner in which financial decisions are made in any organizations is critical to the success of that organization.  In healthcare, informed financial decisions are closely aligned with patient outcomes.  The more efficiently resources are gathered and used, the better the patient experience.  This program, consisting of 6 courses, will address the finance knowledge we all should have received as part of our medical education.  


CLICK HERE for more information about this CME program from Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.  

This program is designed by physicians, like you, to bridge the knowledge gap.  Along with our CME partner, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, we offer a 9.25 CME virtual classroom that delivers relevant, need to know, and use today knowledge.   You may not realize it, but how you perform in leadership and the business side of your practice will characterize your career. 

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