Johns Hopkins/NCI Business of Medicine "Pocket MBA"

Johns Hopkins/NCI Business of Medicine “Pocket MBA”


All healthcare providers understand the need for business skill in today’s medicine.  We also know that we don’t have the time or the money to spend getting an MBA.  We do know that we can take 16 hours, learning at our own speed, on our own device, in our own homes over the next 3 months to change the way we view our jobs and empower us to retake control of our work.

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Traditional medical education is clinically dominated with little time spent on teaching the business skills required to care for patients effectively.  Degree and certificate programs are available but not accessible to the vast majority of those who see patients every day.


CLICK HERE for more information about this CME program from Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.  

This program is designed by physicians, like you, to bridge the knowledge gap.  Along with our CME partner, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, we offer a 16 CME virtual classroom that delivers relevant, need to know, and use today knowledge.   You may not realize it, but how you perform in leadership and the business side of your practice will characterize your career. 

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