How do you feel the learning management platform performs to deliver education?  Have you taken an online course before and how does this compare?

The platform worked well easy to log on to, easy to find my account, user friendly, no long pauses or buffering occurred.  Audio was clear. But I did think you had to click next a lot to get to the actual lecture, may be nice to condense the “housekeeping”pages. 


Were you capable of running a CPI project before you encountered this course?  Do you know of anyone else in your organization who can run one?

As you may know our organization uses Value stream analysis and rapid improvement events which I have participated in.  I do agree the RIE’s are rapid at the time of 1 week but the follow through and follow up is not very strong as well as re-evaluating if the process was the correct choice.  This is the first I am learning about CPI and do like the process that was presented.  It was easy to follow and seems like a good choice for certain departmental change projects.

Do you feel your ability to lead, facilitate or actively participate in a CPI project is improved?


Do you feel this content is of value to RNs.

Yes, I believe as an advanced practice nurse this would be helpful in leading/facilitating the staff nurses re: clinical RN projects.  As well as being a provider and working with the physicians to implement clinical changes with patient care.