Leading Practice Improvement – Course #2

Leading Practice Improvement – Course #2

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 Welcome to Leading Practice Improvement This is the second course in the Business of Nursing Leadership Program.

Every member of the healthcare delivery team has the ability to identify and solve problems.  This course will provide you with the skills to initiate and then lead activities that will improve the process in which you deliver care to your patients.  They will see better outcomes and you will see a better work process that is less frustrating, and time consuming.  You will employ data driven techniques common to the business world that really work.  The course is divided into three sections:

  • Tools of Improvement
    • You will be introduced to the tools essential to the work that needs to be done.  From data handling to team and meeting management, these are tools that you can use immediately.
  • Clinical Practice Improvement
    • This is a step by step guide through identifying a problem, and creating sustainable solutions that work, and maintaining your gains long term.
  • Short Cycle Improvement (PDSA)
    • This is a step by step guide to quick and versatile improvement techniques.  Think about this as everyday improvement that is designed for some of the most frustrating processes that you plague you every day.