Leadership is not a state of mind, it is an activity. 

Leaders are not born, they are trained. 

The process of caring for patients in today’s healthcare is a team activity.  Each member of the team needs to have an appropriate level of clinical knowledge as well as a skill set that enables them to deliver high quality, low cost and safe care.  While nursing education institutions are effective in teaching clinical knowledge, they generally ignore the business skills needed to deliver that knowledge to their patients.  This program is designed to build leadership skill.  Then it moves on to provide you with the tools to convert that leadership into action.  The program consists of 4 courses, that, when taken in order will supply you with essential skills that you can use every day in your practice, no matter the setting. 

The courses are the following:

CLICK HERE for the learning objectives for each course.

This education will be delivered anytime, anywhere, on anything you use to connect to the internet.  The virtual classroom will provide a multimedia interactive experience that will allow you to test your knowledge, communicate and share experiences with classmates, and earn Johns Hopkins School of Medicine CE credits.