Not every physician has the time or interest to earn an MBA degree. However, all physicians need basic business skills. They need to be able to successfully lead and manage, read and comprehend financial statements, develop and control a budget, negotiate effectively, improve processes, use money well, and be good planners and decision makers. To meet this need, ES4P developed a Business of Medicine Certificate Program for practicing physicians. The program marries medicine and business in such a manner that physicians can relate, learn, and grow in their knowledge and ability. Obtaining these business skills equips physicians to deliver value added, efficient, quality patient care.

Leadership and Management for Physicians – 2.0 CME

Healthcare Financial Statements – 1.25 CME

Healthcare Budgets – 1.25 CME

Finance of Healthcare Business Planning – 2.75 CME

Capital: Knowledge about Money – 1.25 CME

Asset Protection for Physicians – 1.5 CME

Healthcare Reimbursement and Employment Contracts – 1.25 CME

Negotiation for Physicians – 2.0 CME

Clinical Practice Improvement – 1.0 CME

Practice Improvement: Plan, Do, Study, Act – 1.0 CME

Strategy Planning and Decision Making – 2.0 CME